Heartbursts is a fascinating journal of a man who like all of us was dealt a hand in which all of the cards were not good and how he played them. He did this with great insight, hard work, forgiveness, a sense of humor and prayer and turned his challenges into successes. As evidenced by his poems, he did this with a song in his heart. It is short and certainly worth reading.

                     –Albert E. Sanders, M.D.

I absolutely loved this book. Thank you so much for letting me read it. Can’t wait for the next one. I know Mom and Dad would be proud.
—————–— Nola S. Hall
                        Daughter of Ralph C. Smart, Sr.

With honesty and personal vulnerability, Harland openly shares the hurts of his past and uses the pain he experienced like a compass, directing others to renewed faith and courage. Harland eloquently explains, “A world of people have for ages been driven by a wrong-headed search for life on earth without pain. All along, however, the reality of true happiness has never been the absence of it, but rather the depth of our faith in spite of the clouds, rain and those “scary woozles.”

It is through the painful circumstances of life that we begin to recognize Jesus. HeartBursts offers a touch of empathy and personal insight into the longings of the human soul. My heart resounded with Harland’s quote, “Life is tough, but the Father’s love is tougher.”

Throughout Harland’s biography of “poetic pictures,” I glean a strong message that it is never too late to dream. Hope is the golden cord that links us to the Father. Harland shares his personal journey of faith, compelling the reader to face past shame, while embracing the perfect love of the Creator.

God’s love is tougher! After all, the ink of love was the blood of Christ poured out for us. We are co-heirs and overcomers with Christ. Each chapter in HeartBursts invites us to offer our plan to God. He is the One who redeems the past and gives purpose to life.

                      –Audrey Fields


In his book, “Heartbursts,” Harland Huntoon portrays both joyous and poignant vignettes of courage and willingness to venture into core influences throughout his life.  He utilizes poetry and insight skills while revealing depth of emotion in his spontaneous “heartbursts.”  I found myself totally absorbed.
This narrative reveals the value of processing one’s reflections, past experiences, and relationships…..and how these dynamics effect the outcomes of decision-making and choices in our evolving lives.

                     — Dr. Margaret Wesner, PsyD, LPC


Heartbursts – Harland Huntoon began his first poem at age 15 with these words: ‘Help me in everything I do or say, To be more like you, Lord, every day. Then on that day, when the trumpet shall sound, Safely in you will I be found..’ Those profound words, at that early age, started a long trail of release, relief, belief, and trust which continue today, confirming in his life the truth of this tenet in the Optimist Creed:  ‘Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind…’

He dedicates this brief book – which outlines personal struggles, leading him beyond the doubts of darkness- to five persons whose efforts meant so much to his growth: his grandfather, Harry Otto ‘Grampy’ Huntoon; his early mentor, Ralph C. Smart, Sr.; his dear friends and fellow believers, Chief Master Sergeant, Ret. Arthur Clem Mangham and his wife, June ‘Mudder’ Mangham; and his loving wife, Kathryn Lynn Huntoon, who has broadly enriched his life with joy over the past 22 years.

The stories and the Heartbursts reveal a loving commitment to faith, trust, and appreciation for what is good and true – given and received.  It deserves re-reading and thought and enjoyment for a great message, sprinkled with simple, personally-generated humor.

                     —  Don Hand

Harland and Kathy – I just finished reading your book. I started four chapters last night at midnight and finished the last four today. Thank you so much for opening your lives, your hearts, your struggles, your vulnerabilities, your unwavering faith and your much deserved happiness. It made me laugh and cry and more importantly, I feel an immense heartwarming and a true confirmation of hope, faith and love. I absolutely love your book and love you guys even more!

—  Dorothy