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Life is Tough. Love is Tougher.

Have you ever wondered if anyone could hurt or be as anxious as you? Do you have a secret buried so deep it pains you even to think about it? Would it help to know someone else’s story?  Ok then, but first, there’s no magic here; no miraculous, unexplainable events or advice that would strain your imagination whether you could ever feel or act that way.

HeartBursts is a “down to earth” book, my story over fifty years: real life, tough life; real emotions, fear, sadness, shame, confusion, guilt, anger, yearning for help and praying for healing in body and soul. Finally, finding gratitude, thanksgiving, all kinds of love: brotherly, physical, and godly. Growing up to a firm belief that for all  of life’s toughness, God’s “down to earth” love is tougher!

You may shed a tear or two, but, I promise, you’ll smile, even laugh, and, most of all, I hope you’ll feel like you’re visiting with a good friend.  So come, walk with me; from my heart to yours…enjoy.

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