Surgery Update

Another Lord’s Day, and I am five days out from my double hernia surgery.  Now when I first wrote about my surgery, the title wasn’t about my surgery at all, but rather about my “baby,” the latest republication of the second of my workbooks about Bible books, this latest was my first attempt at such a venture in 1977.  The Revelation and the book of Daniel were the first books that I studied in 1965 as I searched for consistency in the 66 books we call The Bible.  It was in those books that my search was rewarded.  Historical external evidence coupled with clear distinct time lines of prophesy, put our Lord’s Kingdom in the era of the Roman Caesars.  “In the days of these kings will the God of heaven set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed”- Dan. 2:44.  Hard to misunderstand, but mercy, many folks don’t even know the passage exists!  So, I published workbooks in the 70’s both on The Revelation and Daniel.  I tackled the Revelation first, it was deep, almost mysterious, and I was young and determined to “give it my best shot.”  Luckily, some really smart folks were ahead of me, and had provided suggestions that I found most helpful.  What I found through the next thirty years or so, was that a paper copy of most anything doesn’t last very long!  My workbooks fell into that category.  One day a few years back, I got out my two remaining copies of the 1977 editions and Wow! They looked awful.  Pages stained, some folded over, blurred print from maybe my sticky fingers from an apple or cheese sandwich!  (I used to eat snack/breakfast/lunch/late, late snack, in my office at the typewriter).  Sorry, typewriter, that’s an very old invention back in the Olden Days of things like TV and “Murder She Wrote.”  You would take a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and slowly turn it onto a black roller at the top of the machine, then you could punch some wire button-like things with letters of the alphabet on them, and they would jump up and hit the paper but first they would hit a black inked ribbon just above the paper. It would leave the mark of a letter, oh, just like the letters you are seeing here from my “word processor” on my PC.  Typewriters were marvelous inventions.  They came right after, the burned sticks we used to make figures of animals and fish on our walls IN THE CAVE!!!!  Mercy!  Where was I.  Oh, old paper workbooks don’t last, so now we have “thumb drives,” and “hard drives,” “backup this, and save that.”  Whatever, it sure beats old paper pages, hence my determination to republish both works.  Daniel was ready in 2018; and just a couple weeks ago before my surgery, The Revelation was republished.  Both of these works should be available through PayPal on this website.  My book, Heartbursts is also there.  Heartbursts is book I wrote a few years back about my early years and the 22 years I spent preaching full time with dear brethren in churches of Christ.  It’s a short book, but good stories of life in wild places of the world, like Maine, even Texas!  I also have included many selections of my poetry which some folks have found really good. No, I did not have to pay them to say that!   Ok, it’s Sunday, and yesterday was the best day since last Tuesday for pain and burns in my gut.  I’ve been up since 5, a usual “up” time for me, and I feel like today will be another “good” day.  My Lord has really blessed me in this surgery thing.  Lots of folks don’t get through “easy” surgeries very well.  We hear horror stories all the time, and I am so grateful to be feeling better even at this early stage of my six week recuperation time.  I am aware of many prayers being worded on my behalf.  Please, include Honey Bunny!  No “Nurse Gratchit” here, I can tell you!  Kath has been a wonderful watcher, coach, boss, encourager, all the above and more.  Yeh, it’s love!!  I will post another update later this week or next.  In the meantime, wear your mask, glove up!  The life you save, that’s right, may be YOUR OWN!  “Life is tough, Love is Tougher!” Trapper-

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