New Bible Workbook Published May, 2020 – “Jesus’ Letter”

New Bible Workbook Published May, 2020 – “Jesus’ Letter”

Good morning, Readers:  Today may be a “thirteenth, but yesterday was a tough day for the Ol’ Trapper!  Those of us guys who approach middle age, that is, over 65, well, there are more and more “docs” that we have to visit!  Yesterday was no exception for me.  Now you fellas know there are tests for our female friends, most of us are aware, and we’ll NOT elaborate here today!  The happy news is, us guys get into the picture as we almost “grow up.” There are proddings and poking’s and step on this scale, and hold your arm steady while I poke this needle right there..ooops, ok, right there, hmmm, let’s try your other arm!!  You know, I’m sure.

Sooo, my prodding Doc, love the guy, but he’s been after me for several years now to “fix” some things they call hernias!  Why?  Not my “need to know.”  But, this year, he is now more insistent.  Something to do with my age and it isn’t a matter of IF it’s a matter of when!  But I don’t have any pain. Maybe not now, but get this argument:  “let’s say you’re up on the Rio Grande Lake Amistad about 25 miles from Box Canyon and one of those (yeh, one of those two) decide to twist a little, we docs call that “strangulation!”  Then the good part, “you have about 4-5 hours MAYBE to get to a hospital and get it ‘FIXED’ OR ELSE BAD THINGS HAPPEN!”   I’m awake now.

So back to yesterday, the dreaded SURGERY day.  My last surgery was in Dec, 1961, I was 20, sophomore in College in Maine, midnite and snowing hard!  30 some odd girls in the Infirmary with “food poisoning.”  Yellin’, squallin’ and bawlin’,  and all I wanted was to get rid of the sharp stick pain in my side!!  “You’ll have to wait in the other room, we are very busy right now!”  Great, 20 minutes later, I walked over to the “other room,” threw up alll over the floor and said, “I have major pain in my side, help me now!!”  The doc poked me once and said, “C’mon, I’m taking you to the hospital!” 2 AM and I was minus one appendix!  So yesterday was promising to be “much better.”  And, of all things, it was!  No Nurse Push and Sneer, just nice soft spoken gals with all kinds of happy comments.  Honey Bunny and I waited from 6:30 AM to 9:45 AM and then, “I love you, don’t leave me, and I love you,” and the “happy faces”  wheeled me away.  Don’t remember a thing for 2 hours.  I woke up and was almost warm, couldn’t swallow, couldn’t talk, but “happy faces” want me to tell them “HOW AM I?”  Got sip of water and finally whispered, “OK.”  What do you say when you’re guts have been sliced opened in three places, and you’re not sure what they took or kept or unhooked!!

I was assured all went “Great.”  Easy for them to say.  Laid there for about 30 minutes, my time, they said, an hour and a half, whatever.  finally got to Honey Bunny.  I had made it out of Recovery to Post OP.  I have missed Honey Bunny before over the last 30 years, but not even a new Bass Boat looked as good as my sweet Dollie in the Post Op door!  We spent a happy time there for almost 2 hours and then she drove the “patient” home.  By now I could tell where the doc did what to me.  I have never had a baby, but I’ve been kicked in the gut a couple times, cracked a few ribs, this is about the same!  But home, oh my reader friends, Dorothy sure hit it right, “Oh Aunty Em, there’s no place like home!”  Got little food, lots of water, vinegar…you know, nothing is better for most anything than Cider vinegar!  Slept from 6-7, 7:30-9:30, 1-3, and got up at 5.  My usual “Up” time is between 4 and 5:30).

So here I am posting.  I have really neglected this outlet, but will try to do  better.  I am excited about Republishing my Workbook on the book of Revelation, for those of you in Hondo, that’s a book in the BIBLE. Sorry, just know a few folks there!  Anyway, it should be available on this website, so contact me if you would like a copy.  Enjoy your day, good folks, wear your mask, put on gloves, feel goofy, but IF, just IF you still feel good by supper time, it’s worth it!  Until next time, remember, “Life is tough; but LOVE is Tougher!”  Trapper

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