Some Thoughts About Dads and Their Day

Some Thoughts About Dads and Their Day

Another Father’s Day!  Most of us know the routine: a card, maybe a tie or perhaps a gift card to Cabelas (hint, hint), ok, choice of restaurant, certainly hugs, phone calls, and kind words.  While it’s been awhile since raising children was an issue with me, the memories are yet well in place.  Even today as I recall my own challenges, I am filled with a sense of responsibilities not always handled so well, and the resulting thoughts of “what if I had only,” that hangs clearly in my mind right beside the reality sign reading, “but I really did the best I could at the time.”   My dad was a consummate man of peace.  Helping with laundry and cooking, there was no division of labor in his home.  Never one to appear rough or loud, dad never gave me the slightest hint of what I later learned in life was called, “male chauvinism.”  Those were great gifts that have shaped my adult life, and for which I am ever grateful.

As godly dads try to follow Paul’s instructions of Ephesians 6:4, the “tight rope walking” has by no means become any easier today.  “Don’t provoke to wrath but nurture and admonish,” still gives many good men frustrating thoughts and concerns about how to react, when to say no, and when and what to approve.  In a dad’s time of decision making, the fear of “riding them too hard” or “letting them go too far” can be the source of numerous sleepless nights, and plenty of reaching across the pillow for comfort, advice, and support from sweet wife and mom!  Truth is, for lots of dads, Father’s Day has never been an annual event.  That day is every day!  We pray for wisdom, patience, and courage to be true to our heavenly Father’s values, and those efforts don’t work once a year, although sadly, some might think so.

Yet somehow, our children grow up, perhaps we might think, in spite of us, rather than because of all our “help.”  But, when they come back home to visit, those moments can be ever so special when they hug our necks and verbalize such kind words about our earlier efforts.  So, you dads that today still wake up with your precious children, take a deep breath.  Don’t be too hard on yourself worrying about your effects on them.  The day will come when you, like me, will be able to look back and realize that your best efforts were all that you could do, and in spite of all that, your kids made their own way with their own decisions, sometimes to our liking, but sometimes, not so much!  And, oh, isn’t that how you and I did it, when we were young?  That’s right!  So, go ahead, enjoy “Father’s Day.”  Tomorrow will be just another “father’s day, too!

“from my heart to yours”…     see ya next time!

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