Mothers and Tough Love

While today is a national observation to honor mothers, for many, we don’t need such a reminder because hardly a day will pass that our hearts are not filled with sweet memories of blessings received from our moms.  This deep and abiding love and admiration, however, usually did not spring up in early childhood.  As our lives expanded and we married and our own kids came along, well now, those experiences with feelings of exasperation, exhaustion and down-right anger, oh yeh, that’s when mom’s “talks” and patience really sink in!  Today, consider briefly three mothers who raised sons:

Jochebed – a captive in Egypt, raised her son, Moses to be the son of another woman, the king’s daughter.  Yet, when Moses grew up, he refused to be called Pharoah’s daughter’s son, and we are pleased.  Now, where did that instruction come from!

Eunice – married outside her religion; she raised her son to choose her faith and defy his father’s.  Eunice’s mother also taught her grandson, Timothy to obey the Gospel of Jesus and follow His teaching proclaimed by “Tim’s father in the faith” the apostle Paul.

Mary – young, unmarried, and quite overwhelmed by the angel’s news.  Her humble but determined choices brought her Son to manhood.  She watched Him defiantly teach a new and refreshing religion.  She must have had fears that easily surpass our comprehension while raising this young Child knowing that He is the Son of God.

In summary, consider if done correctly all mothers do:  1) raise their sons for another woman;2) raise their children to stand in opposition to evil;  3) raise their children to achieve spiritual goals from God’s Word.

Facts:  1) becoming a mother – for most not so difficult; 2) becoming a good mother – more effort to achieve manners, work ethic, and morals; 3) becoming a good godly mother – most difficult of all, but by far, most rewarding.  And the best compliment any mother could receive: words from a song I learned years ago –

“And mother, when I think of thee,  ‘Tis but a step to Calvary.  Thy gentle hand upon my brow, Is leading me to Jesus now.”    God bless all mothers who stand up and strive to raise godly children! Thank you, Father, for precious memories of those moms who sacrificed to raise us to follow your Son.

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