Are You Benefitting from Process and Spot?

On July 20, 2014, Rory McIlroy won the British Open golf tournament at the tender age of 25. The young man not only handled the course with calm and consistency,…but during all the incessant interviews, he displayed remarkable composure and confidence coupled with genuine humbleness…very mature for such a young and very wealthy man. Today’s visit centers on Rory’s very simple formula of his “game plan.” He said, “I kept repeating over and over, Process and Spot.” Processing, he said, was about his long shots; spot was for his aim about and on the greens.

For those folks who aren’t wildly fascinated with “cow pasture pool,” this simple plan offers a quick finger snap to something we may be missing in our …whatever routine. Now, the anatomy of the golf swing can be almost as boring to some, as watching the grass grow at a soccer match is for…oh… one or two others. The Golf Channel spends hours covering the setup, the grip, the takeaway, the downswing, impact, the through swing …mercy…and seriously, enthusiasts spend hours and tons of money listening to, practicing and then trying out all the latest instructions….but let’s simplify…what really goes on here….a person takes a stick, puts a small ball on some grass, hits at the ball, and keeps hitting that little ball until it finally goes into a hole ten miles away…ok it just seems like ten…and this is fun?…..well, we could watch soccer…..In all the complications of that swing, our friend Rory simplified his efforts to just two thoughts…and…very important…neither thought had anything to do with the result….can’t tell you how important that point is….listen to me…whatever your business or purpose in life, we all are constrained to think in terms of the final result.   At the office, sales charts flash before us; educators hold their collective breaths to make sure their school passes a certain percentage of the latest government “smart test.” Homemakers, bless them all, spend their busy day with a thousand things, but in the back of their heads, is “what’s for supper,” another result. In my book, Heartbursts, we learn lots about tough life that happens because we live in a tough world, here, however, my point is that, at times, we can be our own worst enemies, by sabotaging our desired results with too many “head games.” ..Well, check it out, here comes this kid…even Irish for heaven’s sake..and in one of the most important events of his and any golfers life, he refuses to think about…uh…results!

There is such a huge reminder here for you and me, reader friend….Rory stood up on that mound of grass, golfers call a tee….and instead of the dread and fear of seeing his ball off line somewhere in a mound of heather and muck…..he forces his mind to think of just swinging that stick…that was it…he just thought about how relaxing and smooth he could swing a stick… he approached what golfers call the green…..really…they call only a small portion of all the green grass on a golf course…the green…’s like looking at a pretty lake and saying, “oh, see that little spot over there by that island…that’s a blue!!”…..dumb….but it is what is… he’s near “the green” and remember now, the object is to get that little ball in a small hole in “the green.”….but is our guy Rory nervous about his ball going in that little hole…..nope….he is thinking about a spot…a spot he has picked out that he want his ball to go over…..that’s it….no hole pressure, no shaky hands, no “yips”…that’s golf language for, you’re just too old to get serious about this game!!….he just has fun trying to hit his spot, and then he goes to the next hole and practices…his Process….OK, there’s your snap….when we get so focused on results, the fear, stress, “scary woozles,” all that “head” stuff…you know, your neck, your back…your stomach…it’s all there, and the beast in your head is saying, “if you don’t make another sale soon, you’re toast.” How cool, huh…a young kid gets it right…Process and Spot….so simple…and because of it…awesome results…from my heart to yours…see ya next time.

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